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Real Estate Notary Services

Buying a home or property is exciting, and often stressful. We’re here for you. Whether it be for in-person or mobile notary, electronic or online notary services, we’re reliable & on-time where need me us, on your schedule, to get your important documents notarized.

Buying A Home Doesn’t Need To Be Stressful Or Complicated

The real estate industry is rife with all sorts of arcane paperwork and practices that can seem daunting for both the realtor and the property buyer. It’s also the sort of thing that can truly leave you feeling like you’re “Signing Your Life Away.”

So before you give in to that old cliché, and put pen to paper with reckless abandon, it helps to have an informed party in the room. That’s where Nebraska Notary comes swooping in to demystify the process of a real estate notary service and what needs to be signed, how it needs to be signed, and just what seemingly random piece of paper you need to present to complete the process.

Notary For Real Estate Documents

One of the great things about Nebraska Notary is that we’re easy to work with. We get it, your time is precious, your schedule is complex, and you need a notary public who can dance to the beat of your drummer. That’s why I am proud to offer my notary services in person, where I come to you. I also have online or electronic notary processes available.

Nebraska Notary’s real estate notary services cast a wide net covering a lot of Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa, including Omaha, and Council Bluffs.

Home Closing Notary

A wide range of real estate professionals need notary services. This includes:

  • Home lenders
  • Title companies
  • Individual realtors
  • Real estate agencies
  • Attorneys

Yet most lack the available resources or opportunity to add an experienced notary public to their permanent staff.

Thankfully Nebraska Notary offers a wide range of mortgage notary services with coverage throughout Nebraska, Douglas County/Omaha, and Papillion Nebraska and anywhere within state lines.

We offer mobile notary services, in person as well as remote online notary via video, and electronic notary services, to meet your needs. If necessary I can travel to your client’s homes and businesses, beyond the confines of normal business hours.

Any Type Of Mortgage Closing Scenario – Residential or Commercial

This makes it easy to find mortgage notary services for things like:

  • First mortgages
  • Second mortgages
  • Signature witnessing
  • Loan closing
  • Powers of attorney
  • Escrow agreements

Quick, Convenient Closings You Can Trust

There is a staggering number of documents required for even the simplest of real estate closings, and most of them require a notary’s stamp as well as a qualified real estate notary willing with flexible scheduling.

With any legal documents, including real estate closings, you need to ensure that the parties who sign the documents are those who will be legally bound by them. This is where a mobile real estate notary service provider like Nebraska Notary comes in handy.

I can work quickly to ensure and attest to the fact that everyone present has been properly identified and has all the correct information required to sign. This includes verifying that they are indeed the person they claimed to be before signatures are obtained.

Nebraska Notary can also coordinate closings in your title company’s office at the end of the month when time is precious, and the hourglass is running out. Times like this allow your escrow officer to prepare and process loan packages. This gives you more of the time you need to close more deals without hiring additional staff or adding other undue complications.

Paul Eide – The Nebraska Notary

Same-Day In-Person, Online & Electronic Notary Services You Can Trust For The Documents That Matter Most.