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Paul Eide the Nebraska Notary is a full-service notary public helping industries such as automotive, real estate & legal notary needs via traveling in-person to you or remotely online whenever you need it.

Notary services play a critical role in protecting all parties against fraud and misrepresentation. An experienced notary like Paul Eide the Nebraska Notary diligently vets the signer to verify not only their identity but also their true willingness to sign, while also making sure that they are fully aware of the document’s contents.

This goes a long way toward preventing a document from being contested after being signed. It also ensures that the signer and any other pertinent parties are aware of their responsibility.

The notary public official signs and stamps the document to certify its authenticity. Then they record the act of signing in their notary journal for record-keeping purposes. This serves as an added level of insulation for all parties involved.

The Benefits Of Having Documents Notarized

There are a lot of benefits to having a document notarized that go beyond just the legal mechanisms imposed by the state and local laws. This includes things like:

  • Discouraging Fraud & Forgery

These days identity thieves, con artists, and scammers are everywhere. They can often use just a small amount of personal information to take advantage of people who assume them to be legitimate. Though when you have a trustworthy notary like Paul Eide the Nebraska Notary verifies a signer’s identity, it adds an extra layer of protection that can hold up in court.

  • Providing Legal Protection

When documents are officially notarized it significantly helps prevent contract disputes and litigation.

Bolstering The Credibility of the Document

  • Reduces Court Appearances

When a document is notarized under the law of evidence it’s considered self-authenticating. This tidbit of legal jargon means that it be submitted as evidence in a trial without additional proof that it is what it appears to be. Ultimately, an official notarization prevents the witness from having to be present, which saves a great deal of time and money in the process.

Most signed documents are not legally binding unless they’ve been notarized. An official notarization is still beneficial because a notary’s stamp and signature increase the document’s inherent value. It also ensures its authenticity.

Notary Services For All Industries

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Paul Eide the Nebraska Notary understands that your schedule is important, and you don’t have time to waste waiting on something as simple as getting a document officially signed. That’s why Nebraska Notary offers a variety of mobile and remote notary services.