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Mobile Notary Public Services

Reliable & on-time mobile notary services where you need me on your schedule. Trust Paul Eide to travel to your home, office or even a coffee shop to get your important documents notarized.

Locations For Mobile Notary Services

Some documents require the notary, the signer, witnesses, and any other principals to be in the same room at the time of signing. This requires identity verification with exacting standards.

During a time like this, you can count on Paul Eide, the Nebraska Notary to come to you, in in-person as part of our mobile notary service. Or, meet us at our office in Papillion, directly across the street from the Sarpy County Courthouse. We work with your schedule and can even come to your location to help streamline the notarization process.

For some documents, an informal setting such as a coffee shop, lounge, or cafeteria commons might also be acceptable. Just be sure to bring all identity verification documents with you.

Nebraska Notary can come to you in a variety of locations. This includes:

  • Our office

  • Your home
  • Your place of business
  • A hospital
  • Nursing homes
  • Attorney’s offices
  • Courthouses
  • Auto dealership
  • The public library

Flexible Scheduling

Nebraska Notary is proud to offer flexible scheduling that works with your time constraints. We can come to you on your time. With day, night, and even weekend appointments available.

It’s important to note that no documents should be signed prior to our arrival. Identity verification must be carried out before any documents can be signed, and the documents must be signed in the presence of the notary public.

Pre and post-date document notarizations are not valid in most situations. With most documents that require in-person notarization, the document date is the effective date of the document. Whereas the notarization date is the actual date the signer appears before the notary and must be accurately reflected on the document. This information is then registered in the notary’s log.

Paul Eide – The Nebraska Notary

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Benefits Of Using A Mobile Notary Service

Nebraska Notary Ready To Help

Traditional notary services typically require you to go to the notary’s office or another official location. This can be incredibly cumbersome for the signer, and all other principals and involved parties. When you use Nebraska Notary’s mobile service, we come to your location to verify identities, observe the signing, stamp and authenticate the document.

This saves all parties a ton of time, for a very low cost. Ideal for auto dealerships, third-party sales, private party sales, real estate transactions, on-site transactions, court documents, and settlement agreements.

Let’s Notarize Your Documents Today

No matter what kind of document you have, i’ll quickly get it notarized for you so you can go about your business with speed & accuracy.

“Notarization Done Right The First Time, Every Time!”

Paul Eide

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