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Upload your electronic notary documents securely, confirm your identity with me live face-to-face via webcam where I can apply an eNotary seal that is legal in all 50 states.

What Is Electronic Notarization & How Does It Work?

Electronic notarization, which is sometimes referred to as “eNotarization” involves documents that are notarized digitally, while signing still occurs in the presence of the notary. Not all documents can be notarized in this way. Though many can be officially notarized via electronic notarization.

The process involves the Notary and document signer submitting an electronic signature in physical proximity to each other, though another principal or secondary party might be at a remote location.

This means that all other elements of a traditional, paper notarization still apply. This includes the signer physically appearing before the Notary. The documents are then submitted to all other parties. This might be a third-party seller, an auto dealer at a remote location, a real estate broker in another location, or another person’s lawyer.

The Electronic Notarization Process

The electronic notarization process starts with presenting and uploading your personal verification documents. The Nebraska Notary will then review them to make sure that they are legitimate and valid.

You may also need to connect with other parties via digital media, with clarity sufficient for everyone to see and hear you. To verify your identity remotely, you might need to answer some key questions to authenticate the verification process.

Once your identity has been verified and your documents authenticated, you will be able to sign the documents. Copies will then be transmitted to all pertinent parties and the Nebraska Notary will record the transaction.

Paul Eide – The Nebraska Notary

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Technology Needed For Electronic Notarization

There are several types of digital technology that are acceptable for remote notarization purposes. Any one of the following platforms is considered generally acceptable

  • DocVerify
  • eNotaryLog
  • Nexsys
  • Notarize
  • NotaryCam
  • NotaryLive
  • Pavaso
  • Safedocs
  • SIGNiX

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