How It Works

Paul Eide the Nebraska Notary is a full-service notary public helping a diverse range of sectors to verify identities, notarize documents and insulate companies from undue liability. With years of experience, and mobile, as well as remote notary services, you can trust that the Nebraska Notary will streamline the experience for you.

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Mobile Notary Services

Paul Eide the Nebraska Notary offers mobile notary service, where the official comes to your location at your scheduled time. This is a convenience service used by the automotive industry, real estate sector, and legal sector.

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Remote Online Notary Services

The modern age is rife with fast, efficient ways to validate a person’s identity before signing and notarizing documents. This includes remote notary services as well as remote electronic notary services, that let you validate, sign and authenticate e-documents or physical paper documents from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Electronic Notary Services

In the case of a electronic notarization, identity verification documents are submitted and approved before the document is signed digitally. Electronic notarization involved the signer being in the presence of the notary for identification verification and signing. The documents are then transmitted to a remote party digitally.

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Acceptable Verification Documents

A lot of official documents, legal documents, and real estate agreements require that the signer’s identity be officially verified by a notary public before they can officially sign. This ensures that the person signing the document will be legally bound to the terms and that they are indeed the person they claim to be. It is a critical form of fraud protection, and the type of documents needed for verification are exacting.

This involved the signer providing one or more of the following acceptable documents:

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Note that when it comes to name changes a marriage document or court document might also be required if the signer has changed their name or if the current identification doesn’t match the name used on the document.

  • A Driver’s license issued by a state or outlying possession of the USA provided it contains a photograph or information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color, and address
  • A Non-drivers Identification Card that is issued by the DMV
  • A valid passport
  • A Federal ID
  • A military identification card
  • A Military dependents ID card
  • A School ID card that includes a clear photograph
  • A valid State ID that includes a picture and a signat
  • Lawful permanent resident cards (Green Cards)

Unacceptable Non-Valid Documents

Many potential signers and people who need to have their identification verified for notarization purposes are sometimes surprised that there are some