Your Bank Will Not Notarize Your _________ fill in the blank with any and all of the following:

Court Affidavit
Health Care/Financial Powers of Attorney

(add pretty much any other document needing the seal of a notary which is not directly tied to the banks own native transaction or legal need)

Just because they can doesn’t mean they “Will.” And usually won’t.

From a former teller:

“I worked at a bank for a few years and their policy was NOT to notarize wills. I kept to that policy in my own professional life. Wills are frequently contested in court and I simply refuse to be involved in those types of situations. Not worth it.”

Lack of a notary when you need it is a huge inconvenience. I’ve learned this the hard way over the years.

In the not too distant past, local banks would have someone on staff to notarize documents free of charge to their clients, and quite often as a service to the general public too.

But not any more.

“Mrs. Jones, I am SO sorry, we are unable to provide that service at this time.”

Why Won’t My Bank Notarize My Deed/Will/Affidavit?

Most banks, government agencies even our UPS stores will not do Wills, Trusts, PoA’s and serious documents that may get them called into court or challenged at some time in the future. They don’t want the liability and they don’t want their time tied up with legal challenges.

Most banks have now implemented policies that prevent a bank employee who is a notary from notarizing any non-bank prepared document while on the job.

Another series of reasons why banks won’t do Wills:

“Just be certain there are two witnesses there when you arrive, over age of 18, to save “waiting time.” I CANNOT give you legal advice as to who can/cannot be a witness, but signer should already have this information from Legalzoom.

Banks and town clerks don’t want to do this because of needing THREE people at the signing and the TIME and space it takes to complete a Will signing. Employers do not want 30+ minutes from employer-paid (or taxpayer paid) time to do these. In addition to current time not attending to bank and town business, potential for future time out of work and EMPLOYER liability (notarizing on employer’s time and within employer’s business walls) if Will is contested by disgruntled heirs or other issues YEARS later when signer is dead. Although FedEx eventually “won” the case, the XXX non-stop publicity changed employers’ “train our notary” attitude to a “just say no” to notarizing attitude.”

Here are some other places that may not help you notarize that Will or other document:

A UPS Store, a FedEx Depot, an Office Max
some (but not all) post offices
some (but not all) courthouses
a public library
your lawyer/ lawyer’s offices

Nebraska Notary is where you can find someone to notarize that Will, POA, Affidavit, or Trust.

Wills can also be more sticky and lead to the bank having to be involved in legal proceedings.

From an estate lawyer I know:

“There is a clause included in most wills (which may include the LegalZoom version) which makes it a “self-proving” will, which means that the signatures of the witnesses are notarized, which releases the witnesses from future court appearance. It states that the witnesses are of legal age and not related to the testator (maker of the will), and that they witnessed testator’s signature and believe him/her to understand what they’re signing.”

Contact Us. We Will Notarize That Document.

As we like to say around our offices. regarding a notary, “You never need one until you NEED one!”

Send us an email or call ahead to make sure your notarization is possible, and make an appointment.

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