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Reliable & on-time notary services where you need me on your schedule. Trust Paul Eide to travel to you or remotely to get your important documents notarized.

Auto Notarization of Loan Documents On-site & Off

Anytime you purchase a vehicle, you need to have it notarized. Especially if you are working with a private party, and attempting to write up your own bill of sale. The last thing you want is for sloppy documentation to give you even more headaches when you finally get to the front of the line at the DMV.

Of course, there’s already enough paperwork, haggling, and negotiation involved in the process of buying a vehicle. So, we make it easy by offering mobile notary services if you want us to come to you to complete the notary portion of the process in person. We can also complete notarizing your vehicle documentation via online notary.

Auto Notary Services For Auto Dealers Who Need Speed & Accuracy

If you’re a car dealer or broker looking for a no-hassle reliable notary in eastern Nebraska, we might just be a match made in heaven.

There’s already a ton of paperwork involved with buying or selling a vehicle. Having someone with the experience to guide the borrower through the signing process streamlines everything and gives them the confidence they need to sign on the bottom line.

Not to mention creating a good impression that might just lead to a referral or a better online rating!

That’s why I always try to call your borrower to prearrange a time to sign that works comfortably with their schedule.

All the years I’ve been serving as an automotive notary have made me very familiar with a lot of the common issues borrowers have. Even if I can’t answer a question, I’ll softly pass them off to you to make sure everything comes off without a hitch.

Protection Against Fraud

Identity theft and credit fraud are prevalent throughout the landscape of 21st Century business. They can strike auto dealerships and vehicle lenders particularly hard. When you retain a professional document signing service, like Nebraska Notary, you gain an extra level of protection against these heinous crimes. As no one can have a document fully notarized for a sale without the necessary documents to complete the transaction.

Identity thieves often use a fake ID card to fraudulently secure financing purposes. My years of experience providing auto notary services have made me familiar with identification processes, how to spot fraudulent identification papers, as well as how to carefully inspect identification documents to verify the person’s true identity.

Off-site Vehicle Notary Signing

Nebraska Notary can also provide off site vehicle notary services. I can travel to your dealership or another location in Nebraska to complete offsite automotive notary signings and control access to documents through each step of the process.

End of Month Services for Vehicle Signing

The end of the month is often a very busy time for auto dealers who strive to clear out inventory before the next month comes in. Nebraska Notary is happy to provide signing agents for notarization and tending to the documentation concerns, which frees up sales personnel to focus on meeting their monthly quotas without losing a ton of time to paperwork hassles.

Paul Eide – The Nebraska Notary

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Auto Notary Services For High-End Vehicles