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The Nebraska Notary

Typically a person only needs notarial services during the most stressful moments of their lives.

Home closings, whether the buyer or seller, represent the largest purchase most people will make in their entire lives. Purchases or sales of automobiles, typically the second most expensive and important financial decision of their lives. Legal matters, whether criminal or family law, are easily the most stressful and personal of all private matters in a person’s life.

I have been using public notaries for over 30 years, for each of the aforementioned scenarios. And it always felt weird sharing the most personal of matters in my life with a random person that happened to be manning the counter that day at a big-box retailer. On THEIR schedule.

Because that was IF, during my time of need, the stars magically aligned and there was a person behind the counter that was a certified public notary.

Nebraska State Notary License
Nebraska Notary On Phone

I cannot even guess how many times when I needed a notary, I went to the closest huge brand and was told I would have to schedule an appointment because the person who was actually the notary was out to lunch (physically, possibly mentally as well) or not on the schedule that day.

At the same time, small notary companies were so small that it felt weird. Like some kind of a dark art. Remember trying to get a haircut during COVID? Ya, it felt like that.

Every website I scanned in my search for a local Nebraska notary I could work with consistently had a crappy stock image of a quill and inkwell and had a strange company name, like XYZ Public Notary.” The content was thin and looked as though the website had been thrown together in haste. There was a lack of personality that made me uneasy.

So, that’s why I started Nebraska Notary. And, made an obnoxious logo that featured my very own head so you know who you are dealing with. And, to hopefully convey a trustworthiness and approachability that you cannot find anywhere else.

So what’s different about me?

I won’t judge you or make the process more difficult than it needs to be. I won’t add stress to an already stressful scenario. Because I’ve had that same experience and been treated that way and it really sucked.

I want to inform you about the process and your options. Of all of the Nebraska Notary vendors I saw, none of them explain anything about what they do. But I do. Check out the blog to learn everything you ever wanted to know – or didn’t’ want to know – about the notary process. Because, you never need one until you need one.

I’ve been a self-employed small business owner for 25+ years. I’ve owned and sold physical property and vehicles, and intellectual property and businesses.

I’ve experienced all kinds of legal proceedings, business, personal, criminal. I won’t judge you or your situation. We’re notarizing documents, not splitting atoms here, people!

Check out the 3 A’s and feel free to tell me how nice my A is!

Nebraska Notary Ready To Help


There’s nothing magical about notarial services. So acquiring them should not be akin to a saga along the lines of “The Legend of Zelda.” Fill out the Contact Form or give me a call. We can get your documents notarized in person or online.


Contact me and let’s work together and figure out a time and location to meet. Or, utilize the ability to get your documents notarized online via this website.


I “swear” this won’t be this difficult! And, it may actually be somewhat entertaining. At the very least, bring your identification and other necessary documents and the process, depending on how many notarizations, should take less than 15 minutes. It will be smooth so you can move on to the things in your life that take precedence.

Looking for my services?

No request is too big or too small!

Paul Eide – I’m your man, I SWEAR!

Need a single document notarized? DONE.

Are you a title and escrow company, law firm, real estate or bank looking for a freelance public notary/preferred vendor you can count on to do 1,000+ notarial acts per day? DONE.