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Paul Eide
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The 21st Century needs a notary service you can trust. This is true in business, real estate, legal documents, automotive purchase agreements, financing agreements, structured settlements, and more. A lot of times, you might not realize you need a document for what seems like a simple signing until someone tells you that you need it.

There’s where an experienced Notary Public like Paul Eide the Nebraska Notary comes in handy!

I’ve been proudly serving the great state of Nebraska, and the greater Omaha area, for years. Having worked with a staggering array of sectors, I can help demystify the process of signing an otherwise simple document.

Anytime you choose Nebraska Notary, I make it a point to work around your schedule. This even includes document signings before or after regular business hours as well as flexible scheduling on weekends.

When notarizing documents, a licensed Notary Public requires proper ID from each party signing the documents to be notarized. My years spent doing this have gifted me with the ability to deftly walk each client through the notary process, ensuring proper and timely services.

Nebraska Notary’s mobile services mean that I can come to your location to handle the signing. I am also happy to offer online and electronic signing options for times when you just can’t be in two places at once.

There are times when you might get caught with your pants down needing a notary to observe, stamp, or verify a document and not realize it until the last second. Lucky for you, I roll out of bed ready every morning to jump on whatever the day demands. This includes offering same-day availability to schedule your notary needs on your time, every time.

This includes mobile in-person notary services, as well as online and electronic notarizing. I streamline the documenting process to make it as easy as possible for all parties involved.

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Paul Eide the Nebraska Notary knows that you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg just to get a simple, yet important document signed and properly notarized. That’s why I go out of my way to offer the most competitive, downright friendliest notary service prices you’ll find anywhere.

Paul Eide

The Nebraska Notary